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Part of the PHW Group

The PHW Group is setting a new course for varied nutrition and is positioning itself as a provider of top-quality, IFS food certified, protein products.

The group has facilities exclusively dedicated to developing and manufacturing high-protein plant-based products for the European markets.

High production capacities, a skilled product development department, a wide product range and years of experience ensure that all costumers needs can be met.

Protein 4 U is a member of the PHW Group, which is headquartered in Rechterfeld in Germany, established in 1932, employing 10,000 people with 35 subsidiaries and a turnover in 2020/21 totalling 3 billion euros.

The Products

From flexitarians to vegans to people concerned about the environment or animal welfare we are offering a delicious varied range of products based on plant based proteins.

These products are produced without soy, palm fat and flavor enhancers – and also without any animal ingredients (without egg, milk and lactose). All the ingredients are traditional crops that everybody knows, such as peas, beans, corn, and wheat.

Our Retail Brand

The Green Legend brand showcases many of the products and is available across Germany in retail outlets. Protein 4 U is now supplying these products to the UK market on a Private Label basis and to the Food Service sector.

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